Three big misunderstandings regarding inkjet technology in Bio-field

Misunderstanding 1) Inkjet can eject water easily

Although water is most familiar liquid, normal piezo inkjet head cannot eject it. Ink of inkjet printer in market is aqueous liquid, but not water. The difference of the two is the fact that inkjet printer ink contains many kinds of additives. A surfactant must be one of them, and this makes ink surface tension kept in low level. Water is not easy liquid to eject, since it has originally high surface tension.


Microjet inkjet head can safely eject high surface tension liquid, such as water.

Misunderstanding 2)
Inkjet can not eject larger particles, such as cells

Liquid which particles kept dispersed is pigment ink. But, particle diameter of inkjet pigment ink is approx. 0.2 - 0.3μ, so it becomes difficult to handle liquid which contains up to 10 µ particle, such as cells. This is because tiny nozzles of inkjet head designed to be approx. 20 µ to manage rather small droplet, in order to realize high quality print images.


Microjet inkjet head is designed to eject bigger size particles or cells.

Misunderstanding 3) Inkjet can not be cleaned

In piezo inkjet head, there are tiny channels formed like a labyrinth, ink is supplied from ink tank to head, then through the pressure chamber up to the edge of the nozzles. For normal inkjet head, therefore, once this ink channel is filled with liquid, it becomes extremely difficult operation to rinse out.


Microjet inkjet head has very simple channel structure, and you can rinse out completely. Also you can check the rinse status of head, because you can observe the internal head partly.


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