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Company profile
Company name MICROJET Corporation
Location ・Head Office
79-2 Daimon5ban-cho, Shiojiri-shi, Nagano 399-0732 Japan

・Tokyo Office
Ozaki Bldg. 2F,3-11-17 Minamicho,Kokubunji-shi,Tokyo,185-0021 JAPAN
Phone 81-42-401-2700
Founded 1997 September 1st
President Shuichi Yamaguchi, Ph.D.
Mission In inkjet technology related field, Microjet will explore advanced, innovative, and unique technology development, and create new values by organically connecting those results with other technologies from customers, and continuously develop new environment friendly products and launch to global market.
Business operations
  • R&D Assistance for Inkjet technology in industry application
  • Develop/Produce/Sales of Inkjet testing device
  • Outsourcing service for Inkjet ; Testing/evaluation/engineering development
  • Technical consulting
  • Hosting technical seminar
  • Sales of technical books
  • Testing device for R&D
  • Inkjet printer for Industrial application
  • Droplet observation & measuring device
  • Droplet ejection evaluation experiment
  • Service of inkjet trial manufacture
  • Measuring service


Company profile

MICROJET Corporation

■ Head Office
79-2 Daimon5ban-cho, Shiojiri-shi,
Nagano 399-0732 Japan

■ Tokyo Office
Ozaki Bldg. 2F,3-11-17 Minamicho,
Kokubunji-shi,Tokyo,185-0021 JAPAN

Tel 81-42-401-2700
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