Solenoid bulb ; difference between conventional technology

Generally in electronics industry, solenoid bulb is not categorized in inkjet technology, however, in bio industry, most of the cases, inkjet means solenoid system. We have to point out that the principal and performance is totally different in these two. Although piezo inkjet has great technical advantages, it was not accepted in Bio industry. This is due to the fact that piezo inkjet cannot stably eject aqueous liquid which has high surface tension. But, finally Microjet have overcome this obstacles. Now that piezo inkjet can handle aqueous liquid, it's technical advantage is getting people's attentions.

The followings are advantages of piezo inkjet technology

  • Handling liquid droplet volume is quite small
  • High speed
  • No direct contact to substrate
  • No scattering on substrate

Piezo Inkjet vs Solenoid bulb

Type Piezo Solenoid bulb
Minimum droplet size 1 Pico litter 10 nano litter
Droplet generate # (sec.) 2,000 - 50,000 pcs 500 pcs
Accuracy within ±1% ±5 - 10 %
Life/durability 10 bil. 0.1 bil.
Liquid Viscosity (max) 500 cps 50cps
Liquid supply system no need pressure pump
Obviously, piezo inkjet has overwhelming superiority, however, it requires know-how's to fully control this technology.
Please do not hesitate to rely on us !
We have over 10 year- experience in Inkjet technology. So far we made outstanding results mainly in electronics field, and will be exploring to Bio-field from now.


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