Differences from other companies' inkjet technology

1. We develop, design & manufacture Head, and develop Device

Normally machinery maker just integrate the system, by purchasing inkjet head parts from head suppliers. But, Microjet can provide tailor-maid inkjet head device, since we have own designed inkjet head. As a result, Microjet successfully developed the inkjet head especially for Bio industry, which no one could do so far.

  • 1)Developed inkjet head which can eject aqueous liquid. (Normally inkjet cannot handle aqueous liquid)
  • 2)Head that does not contain metal or glue
  • 3)Head that has liquid sucking and rinse functions

2.Well acquainted with matching of liquid & Inkjet head

Ink for printing, UV ink, nano particle liquid such as silver, these are exclusively designed liquid which took tremendous time and cost. It is not surprising enough to eject well. But, in reality, there are so many kinds of liquid in Bio-field, and those are not designed for Inkjet technology. Therefore, if you like to handle those liquid with inkjet technology, you need to have know how's to handle. We, Microjet have plenty of experience in the matching of head and liquid, more than 1,000 kinds of liquid so far. It is rather difficult to handle them, by just adjusting viscosity and surface tension.

3.Well acquainted with reliability assurance technology to stable liquid ejection

If there's a 10 micron sized bubble in head, the operation becomes unstable. Also, head nozzle clogging is critical problem regarding reliability of inkjet. It is necessary to grasp the essence of issues and take countermeasure, by repeated experiments and serious observation. In order to do that, it requires enormous quantity of data taking and analysis. Microjet will do such approach and make a device workable, by its 25 year- experience in Inkjet technology. Even outlook of the device looks similar, but there's huge difference in amount of know-how's embedded in it. You'll find immediately if you use it.


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