InkJet-type single-cell printer

Product information

This is an automatic cell dispensing device that enables cells placed one by one into well plates with high-speed and high-precision in cell line development and single-cell analysis. It can be replaced with usual limiting dilution methods and cell sorters.

Drastically-increased productivity in single-cell separation processes and highly-improved single-cell existing probability as well as its survival rates lead to improvements of reliability and productivity in R & D.

Disposable cartridges are available, and it takes less time for device adjustments and flow cleanings in every separation operation. 
With no risks of contamination, you can start experiment operations only by exchanging cartridges for every cell.

This greatly-downsized new device is also applicable to PCR plates for single-cell analysis.


  • High-speed dispensing of single-cell on standard and PCR-type 96- and 384-well plates
  • Completes dispensing on 96-well plates in 3 - 7 min.
  • Dispensing accuracy of single-cell is approx. 90%
  • Less impacts on cells compared to cell sorter
  • Cleaning free and contamination free thanks to sterilized disposable cartridge
  • Less than 10 minutes to setup device and exchange cell fluids


  • Cell line development
  • Single-cell genomics
  • Drug screening


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