Inkjet-type nanoliter spotting device for microarray production
TopSpot series

Product information

TopSpot is a device with a completely new-type inkjet-head which can spot 96 different liquids simultaneously. With conventional inkjet methods, the liquid to be used for one head is only one type and the required liquid volume for spotting is large. Therefore it doesn’t apply for samples with highly-accurate and fast spotting as well as extremely low volume of various reagents. Top Spot consumes dispensing volume of about one nanoliter per each droplet and achieves highly-reproducible droplet formation with less than 1% of CV value as well as non-contact spotting to objects. The required volume is only several microliters, which can form approximately one thousand microarrays per hour. TopSpot, compact and desktop-size device, is suitable from research & development application to batch production at medium throughput.


  • Non-contact inkjet spotting of up to 96 different liquids simultaneously
  • Minimum spotting liquid of 1 nl and reproducibility with CV value of 2% or less
  • Possible to form approximately one thousand microarrays per hour (by array alignment)
  • Only several microliters of required volume for spotting and possible to apply reagents of extremely low volume
  • Possible to monitor dispensing performance for high reliability via droplet observation camera
  • Possible to customize print heads with users' required arrays


  • Applications from research & development to microarray production at medium throughput
  • Spotting and dispensing of reagents, DNA, proteins, antibodies, cells and more


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