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Finally, an ultimate disposable-type inkjet head has been released from Microjet; it’s PipeJet. Literally, the only unit to exchange is “pipe” which physically contacts fluid. There’s “disposable head” in market, but its running cost is eventually high, because whole head unit including piezo elements needs to be replaced. However, regarding PipeJet, it is done by simply replacing the pipe unit. It drastically reduced running cost, comparing to the existing one. Also, the required fluid volume is only a few microliter. Pipe can be changed by each fluid type, so it realize cleaning-free as well as contamination-risk-free. Application software and controller which can be easily installed in customer’s experiment device or production equipment, are also included in package. The long-awaited real piezo inkjet era has just come to the bio field.


  • Digitally-controls nanoliter droplets by piezo system
  • Disposable structure eliminates need of cleaning and reduces running cost
  • Possible to build in your own equipment
  • Used for high viscosity liquids (up to 400 mPa・s for non-heated liquids)
  • Minimum required liquid volume: 10 microliters or less


  • Dispensing by nanoliter of DNA, protein, antibody and reagent
  • Dispensing of cell fluids and bead fluids
  • Dispensing of liquid materials for printed electronics
  • Dispensing of flux, adhesive and UV curing fluids



※Product spec. can be modified without notice. Please contact us for details.


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