High precision trace amount dispensing device
NanoJet series

Product information

Cutting edge inkjet liquid handler which sucks various kind of trace amount test solutions, and realizes spotting and dispensing with Pico-Nano liter level. Equipped with newly developed inkjet head specially designed for Bio-technology. This high performance head can eject high surface tension water, or liquid includes cells, with extremely high precise positioning. Thanks to its ultra-small size and low cost, user can arrange multi number of heads, depend on kinds of liquid or purposes. The brand new models which can make stable spotting and dispensing liquid in the well , with quite low dead volume.


  • Spotting and dispensing on demand by sucking regents and samples
  • Mountable own-developed Piezo inkjet head: up to 12 units
  • By head rolling mechanism, user can spot onto the matrix on demand
  • Possible to set the order and number of times for sucking, dispensing and cleaning on demand
  • Customization on mounted head units number, types and number of wells


  • High throughput screening
  • PCR reagent dispensing
  • MALDI spotting
  • Assay beads dispensing
  • Protein crystallization
  • Cell dispensing



※Product spec. can be modified without notice. Please contact us for details.


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