Inkjet dispensing experiment kit
IJK series

Product information

This device is for basic experiment of inkjet, as well as development or evaluation of dispensing fluid. Configurations are simple and easy to handle, so it is suited for developing inkjet dispensing fluid or sample making with this device installed in customer’s one. External trigger terminal is equipped, which enables dispensing linked with moving stages.


  • Forms droplets at the picoliter - nanoliter level
  • Easy-to-wash integrated structure
  • High chemical resistance for long life
  • Handles high viscosity liquids (up to 200 mPa•s with heat)
  • High-speed droplet formation (over 2000 drops/sec.)


  • DNA, protein, antibody and reagent ultratrace handling
  • Cellular fluid and bead fluid handling
  • Dispensation of nano liquid metals and other electronics materials



※Product spec. can be modified without notice. Please contact us for details.


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