High precision nanoliter inkjet dispenser
BioSpot Arc 2 Head

Product information

A small nanoliter dispenser equipped with a camera for automatic droplet detection and spot quality confirmation. The dispensing calibration function achieves high dispensing stability for various materials. You can also upgrade using the existing PipeJet head unit.


  • Cleanable disposable head, low running cost
  • Significant savings on expensive reagents and biomaterials (required liquid volume 10μl)
  • Automatic measurement and calibration of dispensing amount
  • Equipped with a camera for spot positioning and spot quality confirmation
  • Customized deck that can mount various base materials


  • Preparation of diagnostic / inspection chips
  • Lateral flow test
  • Liquid injection into micropores such as micro flow path, Micro-TAS, etc.
  • Dispensing and patterning of DNA, proteins, antibodies, cells, and reagents


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MICROJET Corporation

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Nagano 399-0732 Japan

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Kokubunji-shi,Tokyo,185-0021 JAPAN

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