Disposable head solves clogging and contamination.
Inkjet type nanoliter spotter
 BioSpot series

Product information

Microjet has just released a spotter and dispensing equipment with an ultimate disposable-type piezo ink jet system.it’s called BioSpot. With PipeJet technology, the unit to exchange is only pipe which physically contacts fluid, and this resolves problems such as contamination and running cost. With existing disposable head, all the parts including piezo element need to be exchanged、so the running cost is high after all. However, regarding this PipeJet, it is done by just replacing the pipe. It drastically reduces running cost, comparing to the existing one. Also, the required fluid volume is only a few microliter. Moreover, it features high precision, high speed and non contact. Pipe can be changed by each fluid, so it realized cleaning-free as well as contamination-risk-free. Not only Bio field but also in electronics field, various devices can be produced by patterning various types of fluid.


  • Highly-accurate handling of up to 8 types of biomaterials by nanoliter
  • Low running cost and no cleaning required by disposable head
  • Large saving of expensive reagents and biomaterials (required liquid volume of 10μl)
  • Handling of particles contained fluids of up to 100 microns (cells, beads etc.)
  • Touch screen at the front panel support for easy handling


  • Dispensing and spotting of DNA, protein, antibody, enzyme and reagent
  • Liquid injection into microwells, μ-TAS, fluidic devices and micro holes
  • Dispensing of cell fluids and beads fluids
  • Production of various biochips


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