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Inkjet technology in Bio area, most of the cases it means Solenoid bulb type nano liter liquid management system. This product is equipped with piezo inkjet head, and it can realize Pico liter order liquid management, with high speed, and high accuracy. We have single nozzle and multi-nozzle types in Piezo inkjet head lineups, and you can choose from the below options.

  • Head to eject high surface tension liquid, such as pure water, which was difficult to realize before
  • Head to eject high viscosity liquid without heating
  • Head to eject acid and high solubility liquid
  • Head with over 100 nozzles, suitable for face applying
  • Head to suck trace amount of liquid with dozens of microliter level


  • Equipped with the head which is suitable for biomaterials, or electronic materials respectively
  • Head for high viscosity liquid, sucking trace amount of liquid and high surface tension liquid
  • Mountable both multi nozzle head and single nozzle head simultaneously
  • Mountable up to 5 inkjet head units
  • Customization of device depending on the purpose of experiment


  • Cell patterning
  • Trial production of DNA and protein chip
  • Spotting of anti-body and enzyme
  • Trial production of biosensors
  • Patterning of nanometal ink



※Product spec. can be modified without notice. Please contact us for details.


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